Navigating Through Spiritual Gridlock

I don’t believe in supernatural events or miracles that defy universal laws, nor do I believe in the kind of supernatural God that exists outside or before space and time, immaterial and without a central nervous system. I prefer to think of God as revealed in the Hindu Hymn of Creation (Rig Veda); “A superior natural Being that has evolved in order and complexity after the creation of the universe.”

If we take into account that humankind is somewhere in the lower end of the evolutionary scale and that there are otherworldly beings, some of whom might have existed for millions of years, is it not then possible that such advanced natural beings could have tinkered with us? Don’t the laws and universal constants, so fine-tuned for life, make a Supreme Designer a strong possibility? Are we not the product of God’s creative work, fashioned in God’s image as claimed in Genesis, and echoed in all the sacred ancient texts?

A crisis of spiritual intelligence

Early in its history, religion exercised a stabilizing influence on society by helping people spiritually. It challenged us to be loyal to the divine and compassionate with our fellow human beings. Today, orthodox belief systems have become a tool that empower those who claim to know the truth and use myths to psychologically manipulate us into believing what we’re told. They promote the idea that salvation can only be realized through blind submission to doctrinal authority, intermediating our direct experience with God, and delaying our ability to reconnect with our divine nature. We’ve been deceived by those who have chosen authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority.

The road less traveled

Any faith that can’t survive collision with the truth is not worth believing in. This is why we need to question everything we’re told, and start to search for answers on our own terms. The more we learn and understand the true nature of the world, the more obvious things will become and we begin to see not only falsehoods and deceptions in plain sight, but hidden truths that will astound us. We will discover on our journey that we need to be honest with ourselves and keep our mind uncluttered by the assumptions and dogmas of centuries of orthodoxy. Our experience will take us down the road less traveled, yet a road well worth taking.

The belief in a natural and more accessible God has made it easier for me to reconnect with my spirituality and inspired me with the confidence that life does not end in death, but transcends it. My time on Earth is to fulfill that for which I was created; to realize my true human and spiritual potential, to embrace all that’s noble and compassionate in me, and to leave this world a better place than when I found it. My journey had its starts and stops; Catholic, Gnostic, then finally an Agnostic. It took a while but I found the way out of my existential gridlock.

You’re far more powerful than you’re told

Spirituality is not theology or ideology; it’s a pure and original way of life. Our spiritual task is to discover the infinite in the life of the finite. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, part of a network linking us to our higher selves, the universe and each other. One of the most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical and the ever-expanding dimension of consciousness.

To fathom the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty is at the center of true religiousness. True religiousness is based on the fact that we’re all are created with the same spiritual rights. It transcends religious and supernatural Gods and avoids dogmas and theology. It arises from our ability to experience our true and divine presence in the universe in meaningful unity.

Today’s world shatters the soul and severs the connection to our inner selves. We’re the architects of our own happiness, and our own misery. Our life will always be filled with hardship and challenges, so it’s best to admit this and decide to be happy anyway. This perspective will help you to see that there’s no path to happiness. You must make happiness your path, for you’re far more powerful than you’re told!

You’re Far More Powerful Than You’re Told!

You’re Far More Powerful Than You’re Told!

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