Crashing the Party: The End of the US Two-Party Duopoly!

Could this be the shape of the future USA political system (my prediction.)

What’s the point of getting excited about the U.S. two-party duopoly when opposing candidates are so hard to tell apart? And does it really matter who’s elected? Aren’t the results always the same under ‘Citizen’s United’? a victory for those who can best serve the needs of Big Business and Wall street at the expense of Main street constituents and their families?

Except for some principled Washington insiders, the U.S. is now a country without any functional opposition, where shameless lobbying is undermining its democracy, the supposed pride of the Western world. The U.S. is now a dysfunctional two-party system which protects the Oligarchs at the expense of the middle class and the weakest and most vulnerable.

The stranglehold of this unhealthy duopoly has seen better days for if my hunch is right, the U.S. political system is long due for a representational “shock therapy,’ which means that it might finally start to resemble more and more the multifaceted political systems in Europe and Canada, where good things can and do actually get done for their people.

Here’s is a broad and tentative list of the 6 different US political trends:

  1. Trump Republicans: Die-hard MAGA crowd, Nationalist Republicans who claim the 2020 election was stolen.
  2. New Conservatives: Break away wing from hard core Trumpist Republicans.
  3. Democratic Party: Right-leaning Neo-liberal followers of Biden, Clinton and Obama.
  4. The People’s Party: Galvanized ‘true’ Left wing, Anti-imperialist and progressive alternative to the Biden, Clinton and Obama status quo. (Could merge with the Green Party.)
  5. The Green Party: The party the Great Ralph Nader (Could merge with the People’s Party.)*
  6. The Libertarian Party: A big question mark.**

Americans need to wrest back control of their political system. In my humble opinion as a Canadian, this political roadmap is their only hope. Not only will this new balance of power reflect a more pluralistic set of political motivations, ideas and beliefs, but it will democratize the entire political machine, creating a more vibrant democratic arena of, for and by the American people who truly deserve better than the sociopathic governing system they are now stuck with.

The world will be watching!

*This list of 6 parties can however be narrowed down to 4 if the Greens merge with the People’s party and the Libertarian decide to remain as marginal as they are now.

** It’s anyone’s guess if the libertarians are going to remain independent or to which party they would merge. They currently they have no representation.

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