Too much junk food in your political diet? Welcome to the Egalitarian buffet!

The information you are about to consume is not meant to add caloric woes to your daily diet of political dia-tripes from rotten candied-dates and impastas. If you feel like you doughnut belong to this political medi-okra-tea and fear losing your tempura, your nut alone.

Now that your past attempts have gone a-rye, and you’ve found yourselves among authoritarian or populist weirdoughs, thinking “I doughnut belong here.” You knead to try again, and joining the worldwide Global Egalitarian Movement (GEM) is the yeast you could do. If you’re just a fungi with high morels wondering what you should be doughing now, mustard up the strength to ketchup with, and contribute to the progressive causes where there is mushroom for improvement.

If you’ve bean there, done that and sometimes wonder why you even carrot all, march to the beet of your own drum, lettuce meet and see what might turnip. While I’m no sage, chive got a feeling that when we share some common interests thistle work and we’ll become the pesto friends.

If you’re looking to organize with someone who is willing to go against the grain with a minimal margarine for error, roll with the punches and rise to the occasion, plant the seeds and relish the progressive platforms that will one day contribute to our egalitarian buffet; so the more egalitarian the patty, the butter!

It a curd to me that we in no whey deserve to settle for less than jam-packed excitement — which is a nice way of pudding it. So if you’re looking to stop floundering around and your past political experiences have been offal, dare I say the wurst, and don’t want to make that missed steak again, join the good pea-ple and find love one more thyme. If that sounds like ewe, carpe diem!

I know. I know. Any way you slice it, this post is corny and I falafel about how cheesy it is. But don’t worry… I won’t milk this anymore.

That’s a wrap.

PS: I yam hoping this post will produce some grate replies!

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