We’re All Falling; Let’s Count the Ways

We are falling, humanity is falling, in so many ways, let’s count the ways.

  • We live in a world that values maximizing personal gains at the expense of those less fortunate than us.
  • We carry out austerity programs that harm the poor, while the treasury is looted by financial speculators.
  • We blow all our money on the war industry, while leaving nothing to the veterans and the mentally ill.
  • We refuse to halt the destruction of the ecosystem, and instead profess that we’re the lords of creation.
  • We don’t live in a true democracy, but a plutocratic global oligarchy run by an elite who wield disproportionate influence.
  • We pay lip service to the cause of human rights, yet support dictators with no respect for any rights.
  • We pretend to fight radicals, and then align ourselves with the most fundamentalist regimes.
  • We’re made to believe that all that’s bad in the world simply fell from the sky, and that none of it is our fault.

We must ALL lend a hand in organizing, building and growing a genuine ‘Global Body Politic’ as a collective bargaining unit made up of all of humanity’s creeds, races and religions.

  • We must seize on a unique opportunity to ensure we don’t destroy the world and ourselves.
  • We must put our trust in those leaders who show a measure of compassion, and advocate the Golden Rule.
  • We must support social programs that help the poor and the marginalized become part of society again.
  • We must control corporate greed which pillages our resources and wastes the earth.
  • We must defend democracy by restoring power back to the people and their true representatives.
  • We must stop pandering to narcissistic cults of the personality that debase our values and undermine our morals.
  • We must stop forcing sanctions on countries and create victims of the very people we’re trying to save.
  • We must be critical of all the injustices in our world, especially those committed by regimes that are friendly to us.

We’re entering the most critical years for the world and humanity. Unless we wake up from our collective slumber and stop ignoring past lessons and inconvenient truths, we’re doomed to believe the worthless lies and to sanction future catastrophes perpetrated by those very agencies that have precipitated our fall from grace in the first place.

We must ALL lend a hand in reclaiming our rights and creating a peaceful and better world for everyone.

Body Politic: the people of a nation, state, or society considered collectively as an organized group of citizens.

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