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Should we just sit back while our society is brought to its knees by the ongoing conflicts between parties of all stripes and affiliations? Should we shrug our shoulders and allow fanatics of all disturbing views and convictions to bring harm upon our nations? Should we allow prejudiced and bigoted people with with a deep seated intolerance for intermediate positions to run amok in our world?

Unlike the popular movements that spurred FDR to implement the 30’s New Deal, or the social movements of the 60/70’s, there isn’t enough been done today by honest and hardworking people to help address and rectify the myriad injustices they’re facing everywhere. We know that many of our problems are the result of a lack of a lack of political power, will and organization.

This is why we’ve made it our mission to promote honest discussions on the most pressing issues of the day, in order that we may together take needed actions to improve our world!

We welcome inquiries for writing opportunities and other considerations, please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, and other requests.

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It Starts Today

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