Zen and Now

It is difficult to not sit in constant judgement of yourself for failing to have maintained control over your life and surroundings in the past, or even the present.

Don’t be bitter at having made the wrong choices, at how your life turned out as a direct consequence of all the decisions you made.

Try to remember that the options that were available to you may not have always been ideal.

It isn’t a mark against yourself that you haven’t been able to bend the world to your will.

It’s enough just to thrive, open-hearted and human, in this hard and messy world.

Hold on to and cherish what you’ve learned, the wisdom you gained through your trials and tribulations.

Remind yourself how hard you struggled to not give up and lose hope, even in the direst of circumstances.

For your true value is derived from the adversity you experienced.

You are worth the risks you took.

When everyone else sought safety, approval, and comfort, you ventured on the road less traveled.

And where there was no path, you left your trail.


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